Intrecci di Fiori e D’Arte was born in 2011 from the need of Davide and Francesca to give life to a part of the family business linked to the flower shop. Raised on “bread and flowers” we are two brothers “intertwined” by love for nature and beauty in its forms. We are still a small family business that works in Sicily and in its most beautiful locations.
Davide is a lover of nature and of the essence of things, pillar and creator of ideas; Francesca is a dreamer and a lover of details, since she was a child next to her mother she made bouquets in the shop that she jealously guarded. She “the mind”, imagines and conceives the projects. Davide, “the arm” realizes and completes the weaves.
Together they forge materials, develop textures, tell stories by creating INTRECCI DI FIORE E D’ARTE.

“I have learned that I cannot demand anyone’s love.
I can only give them good reasons to like me and
wait for life to do the rest.”

— William Shakespeare



We love research and attention to details in the use of local, spontaneous essences and natural materials to create unique and unrepeatable atmospheres.
We create floral decorations with an organic style, always leaving room for the Mediterranean allure that sets the scene for our works.
The Intrecci style is the expression of a personal and emotional taste that preserves the aspiration to restore a sweet and harmonious relationship between man and nature through flowers.